Back to School Lunch Tips




Back-To-School Lunch Tips

School supplies have been on the shelves for over a month now, and your kids will be back on their buses and headed to class any day now. As it goes each school year, the promise of a fresh start means that most of us are setting our sights on being parent of the year for our little ones.

And doesn’t it always happen that the first few weeks of school are filled with perfectly matched outfits, delicious lunches and organized school supplies? Then somehow as the days and weeks go on we often get down to doing the minimum we can get by with just to make it through….but it doesn’t have to be like that!

Planning outfits a week ahead and keeping supplies organized as you go will help you to stay ahead. I’ve also got some back-to-school lunch tips that will help you keep fresh for your kids through the entire school year.

Think Food Groups: If you’re drawing a blank on what to include in your little one’s lunch, think about the food groups and try to pack something from at least three of them…fruits and veggies, a cheese stick or yogurt, peanut butter or sliced turkey, etc.

Invest a Lunchbox: If you’re limiting the foods you can pack based on their ability to stay an appropriate temperature, you may find yourself stumped on what to pack and choosing less healthy options. While you’re shopping for a lunchbox, get one that will last through the entire year. Try to find an insulated one that will help keep hot foods hot and cold foods cold.

Mix It Up: Sit down at the beginning of the school year and spend 15-20 minutes coming up with lunch ideas. Keep the list on your refrigerator or somewhere that is easily visible. That way, when your mind draws a blank on what to pack for lunch one day you can look to your list for inspiration.

Pack Favorites: Sit down and talk to your little one about what they enjoy eating for lunch at school. Knowing that you’re choosing something they will really look forward to will make packing their lunch easier.

Plan Ahead: Try to plan lunches a week or two in advance, depending on how you grocery shop. What I mean by plan ahead is, make sure that you have plenty of snacks and lunchbox foods on hand for packing. Again, look back to your list of ideas if you need inspiration.

Packing your little one’s lunches doesn’t have to be a chore. Utilize these tips to pack healthy, delicious lunches all year round. Check out our blog a little later this month for some fun lunch ideas that will help you start that inspiration list—and secure “mom of the year” for the entire year.