5 Fun, Engaging Winter Activities for Baby


Winter can be tough. Cold weather, ice, and snow can often mean more time spent cooped up indoors. Despite the less than ideal weather conditions you might be experiencing, there are some fantastic indoor activities that you can partake in with your baby to help keep her stimulated and engaged. Here are five of our favorites.

1. Winter Themed Sensory Bag. Sensory bags are great because they stimulate your child's senses of touch and sight, while naturally encouraging play and creativity. Consider making a winter themed sensory bag and discussing the different components with your child. They're also safe and mess-free! We love this tutorial from Clare's Little Tots.

2. Make Some Music. Putting on your own live band is a great way to promote indoor fun. Grab some instruments -- or even just some pots, pans, and spoons -- and encourage your baby to make some noise! Music sparks all areas of development, helping the body and mind work together. 

3. Read together. Perhaps one of the best indoor activities is to snuggle up on the couch with your baby and read a stack of books. Reading aloud together helps teach your baby the foundation for communication by introducing concepts, as well as building vocabulary and memory. 

4. Finger Paint with Pureed Food. If your baby is old enough to enjoy solids, consider finger painting with some pureed food! That way, if your baby decides to have a little taste, it's perfectly safe. Encourage her to paint straight on the high chair tray, or grab some paper for a true masterpiece. Take advantage of the gorgeous, natural colors of sweet potato, peas, strawberries, and more. 

5. Rolling or Passing Different Balls. If your baby is sitting up, rolling balls of various colors and textures back and forth can be a great way to keep your baby engaged. If he isn't sitting up quite yet, you can hand him the balls to hold in his hands as he explores the different textures and colors. Consider passing him other objects such as soft or wooden rattles. 

Even though the weather might be less than ideal, these activities will keep your baby engaged when you're stuck indoors. As always, please be sure to supervise your baby during all activities. We are always here to support you in any way that we can. Please do note ever hesitate to reach out to us at care@theollieworld.com.