Swaddling How-To


As a new mom, you might be looking for ways to provide extra comfort to your little one as he or she adjusts to life outside of the womb. Arriving earthside is full of new sensations compared to how babies are used to being snug and warm inside of the womb. Swaddling is one great way to help calm your baby and make them feel safe in those first months.

But, as you’ll find out – or maybe you already have – there is a definite art to swaddling a baby. That’s why we created the Ollie Swaddle. Our swaddle is designed to stay snug around your little one, providing them the comfort they desire while remaining safe.

When you are ready to swaddle your little one, start out by smoothing the Ollie out flat. The top has indentations that are designed to help you in positioning your baby and also to decrease bunching, which is a safety feature.

When laying your child on the swaddle, place him or her with shoulders slightly above the top of your Ollie. This will allow you to cross the sides of the Ollie right below your little one's shoulders. Making sure your Ollie is below the shoulders helps to ensure that no fabric bunches around the neck. This is very important to your baby’s safety during sleep.

 The Ollie World Mother and Baby


We know that little ones can be very squirmy and that it can seem an impossible task to get them swaddled at first, but don’t worry. With a little practice, you will be a swaddling pro in no time. When folding the first side of your Ollie over, bring it across your little one’s torso and tuck it over and behind your little one’s right arm. Once both arms have been tucked, take the second side of the Ollie and attach it to the Velcro to customize the fit. 

When folding the sides of the Ollie across your little one's arms and body, it is important to pull the fabric tightly. Swaddling is meant to resemble to womb, so the Ollie needs to be secure across your little one's torso. We know this can be quite intimidating and even scary, but a loose wrap really defeats the purpose of swaddling. Rest assured that a tight swaddle is soothing and comforting for your little one. 

The last step in securing your Ollie is the elastic loop. As always, the safety of your little one is our first concern. Always make sure to tie the elastic loop directly underneath your little one's feet. The Ollie is made to grow with your little one, so even if there is plenty of room at the bottom, it is important to make sure the elastic is closed right below your little one's feet. This helps them to feel warm and secure while still being able to move their legs and feet. 

Please remember that the Ollie Swaddle is designed only for use when your baby is lying on their back. Our final safety tip is to be very aware of your baby’s milestones. Once your little one is able to roll over from back to stomach on their own, it is time to stop fully swaddling. At this time, you can use your Ollie as a transition by swaddling with one or both arms out or stop the swaddle completely. 

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