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MotherHEARD: Miscarriage

MotherHEARD: Miscarriage "I have two rainbow babies. My first loss was my first baby after I was told I may not be able to conceive. There were some complications at the beginning but then we saw the heartbeat. That was supposed to mean we were, percentage wise, low risk for any miscarriage. A month after we saw that precious heartbeat, I went in for a normal appointment. My husband almost didn’t come. It was supposed to be a “normal” appointment but he came anyway and I’m so thankful. They couldn’t find a heartbeat. They sent me to another office where an actual ultrasound tech did an ultrasound instead of the doctor. On the ride there, I still had hope that...

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MotherHEARD: Infertility & IVF

“It took us..▪️Over 1750 days▪️More than 250 needles▪️countless clinic visits.▪️10 IUI procedures.▪️a failed adoption▪️a devastating loss▪️2 Rounds of IVF & 2 FETs▪️and a whole lot of hope.. to finally have our baby.Everyone’s journey to starting a family is unique. Ours was unpredictable, heartbreaking, and beautiful. Almost 5 years after making the exciting decision to grow our family, we are finally holding our little miracle. And now I know, all this time I was waiting for him.”We honor you

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